Domo Genesis Shares “KWYM”

“I’m not letting anything trip me up.”

Domo Genesis started his year with a new tune that celebrates the industrious: "KWYM" stands for "keep working young man." From precious ruins and heavy pressure we pressin' through it, raps Genesis. Gonna be depressed if lose my breath in the revolution/ ...Like Aaliyah said, we need a resolution/ And I think being honest is the best solution. Maffyuu provided the beat for the track.

On SoundCloud, Genesis wrote "album coming sooner than you think." This caption echoed comments he made earlier today on Twitter: "Album early this year. real shit, this is for all yall who've been down with me, I luv yall. idk the situation of the group, but this me."


Listen below.

January 04, 2016
Domo Genesis Shares “KWYM”