Killer Mike Was In The Spin Room For Bernie Sanders After The Debate

One-half of Run The Jewels speaks to reporters in South Carolina.

January 18, 2016

Killer Mike was in the house for the Democratic primary debate in Charleston, South Carolina, and after the debate was over he was present in the spin room to speak to reporters and campaign for Senator Bernie Sanders. Just earlier today, Mike joined Sanders for a live-streamed discussion of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s legacy, so it makes sense that he's present in the spin room to talk up Sanders and his policies.


Speaking to a reporter from Complex, Killer Mike compared Sanders' policy alignments with those of Dr. King. "You deserve a president that is aligned in principle with the greatest black person, the greatest American you've ever learned about, Dr. Martin Luther King," Mike said. "Poor peoples' campaign, worker's rights, education as a right, are all things that our heroes and grandmothers have told us about. You now have an opportunity in your lifetime to elect a president reflective of those values."

When asked about the youth and POC vote during an interview with Buzzfeed, the rapper states that Sanders plans on doing more to engage with those communities. "He's going to historically black colleges and universities, going to black barber shops and beauty shops, and he will be on black radio," he said. "And I think the more he does that, the greater profile he'll have in the African-American community."

Killer Mike Was In The Spin Room For Bernie Sanders After The Debate