Audacity Gets Extremely Rowdy On “Dirty Boy”

The So-Cal garage punk group is back in action with Hyper Vessels, out this April’Fool's Day.

January 21, 2016

Audacity, So-Cal's cheeky garage punk group, is releasing their new album Hyper Vessels this April Fool's Day via Suicide Squeeze Records. The album's first single —which was recorded with fellow Californian Ty Segall—is "Dirty Boy," a super fun and rowdy song that brings on strong memories of Tyvek and Jay Reatard.

“'Dirty Boy' is a rocker!!!!!" Audacity's Kyle Gibson exclaimed (yes, that's five exclamation points, count 'em) to The FADER in an email. "It’s a take on the sentiment 'nice guys finish last,' except the guys aren't necessarily nice and they might not end up finishing at all. It also relates to waiting around in an 'every dog has its day' kind of way, but the things that make you a dog, both negative and positive, end up getting digitized and re-interpreted to the point of having no resemblance to reality! Or something!” Matthew Schmalfeld added that, “The main riff in the verse was originally written for a Microsoft game but was denied by Bill Gates himself!"


Listen to "Dirty Boy" below, and pre-order Hyper Vessels here.

Audacity Gets Extremely Rowdy On “Dirty Boy”