Stream Audacity’s Raucous New Album, Hyper Vessels

The energy doesn’t let up on the upcoming record from these SoCal punks.

March 25, 2016

Back in January, The FADER premiered the lead single off Southern California garage punks Audacity's new album Hyper Vessels. Today, we have the pleasure of streaming the whole damn thing for you.

The 12-track LP—officially dropping April 1 on Suicide Squeeze Records—is a raucous event, on which Audacity's energy doesn't let up for even one moment. It's classic punk from a band who've honed their skills over a decade of playing and recording together. There are some surprising nuggets on here: particularly "Umbrellas," which reminds me of the best Sweet songs, and "Baseball," which has more Dead Milkmen vibes than I've heard in a while. Shades of The Queers and Fear and Bad Brains are all over Hyper Vessels, too, but the record remains distinctly Audacity, and that rules.


"This record is destined to enrich the lives of all that are lucky enough to hear it," Audacity's Kyle Gibson proclaimed to The FADER in an email. "It will stand the test of time as a cultural landmark, an artifact that brilliantly captures the zeitgeist of 2016 and the fascinating struggles and tribulations of three-and-a-half white men in their twenties. Children generations from now will ask their great grandparents, 'Grandpapa, where were you when you first heard Hyper Vessels, the civilization-altering fourth album that is now taught in all public schools and played before every major sporting event in its entirety?' To which they will reply, 'My child, I was blessed enough to be one of the first to hear it, streaming exclusively on The FADER website, back before the internet was illegal.'"

You heard it here first. 😜

Stream Audacity’s Raucous New Album, Hyper Vessels