Watch Tilla Shapeshift In The 3D Video For “Know Yourself”

The youngest member of London’s Space Age crew debuts a glossy video for his first single.

January 28, 2016

Other peoples' lives occupy more and more real estate in our minds these days. With every scroll through Twitter and Instagram and Peach, we, intentionally or not, learn the different angles of strangers' faces, the names of their friends and family members, what bars they like to frequent after work. Details are everywhere. That's a reality I think about when I consider Tilla, the mysterious 17-year-old making music alongside London's Little Simz-anchored Space Age crew. Tilla's no Luddite, but his public facing-persona feels a lot like his music—blurry, shadowy, introspective.


The sentiment applies to the video for his first single "Know Yourself," premiering on The FADER today. The conceptual, 3D-scanned clip, directed by multidisciplinary artist Lewis James, builds, shatters, and then re-constructs faces and body parts. To pick out the details, you have to read between the glossy, shape-shifting lines. The video intends to "bring light on the journey of exploring sense-of-self," Tilla explained in an email. "It touches on complacency, evolution, and destruction. Its raw, stripped-down presentation defines the vulnerability within us living in a world that doesn't sleep."

Watch Tilla Shapeshift In The 3D Video For “Know Yourself”