Hear A Preview Of Mess Kid’s New Cassette-Only Project

Coasts is the underground club pro’ucer's first-ever physical release.

February 09, 2016

So Jesse Miller-Gordon, writer and vocalist of New York hardcore band Sick Feeling, is launching a cassette label in conjunction with his essay website, Looking Stupid. The first release comes from New York producer Mess Kid, whose out-there grooves have attracted lots of outsider-ish collaborators like Le1f and Makonnen.

Coasts, Mess Kid's first-ever physical release, is split in two parts. Side A is called "EAST" and was made during some sleepless nights in New York. The B side, "West," was produced after Mess Kid signed a publishing deal and moved to L.A. Based on the short preview—which pieces together robotic voices, effervescent club textures, and tape hiss—both halves contain weird moments worth listening closely for. I have a feeling I miiiight be partial to the bleaker-sounding A side, which features decades-old metal samples and field recordings from the streets of NYC. But that's just me.


The tape is out today, and they're only making 100. "I wanted something that u could hold and feel," Mess Kid told The FADER in an email. "I haven't put out anything compared to how much I actually make on the low. But it's time to share it all."

Hear A Preview Of Mess Kid’s New Cassette-Only Project