Three Of Mexico’s Coolest Cross-Genre Artists Sync Up On “Señales”

Mexican beatsmith Teen Flirt enlists Clubz and Adrian Be for a steamy new single.

February 17, 2016

When I went to Mexcio for a music festival in 2014, I saw Teen Flirt perform an engaging set of romantic, pop-sampling bass music. For his new song "Señales," the producer—whose real name is David Oranday—linked up with two artists from his Monterrey hometown: Coco, who's one-half of great guitar-pop duo Clubz, and club music vocalist Adrian Be. According to Coco, the concept for the track took shape at the same music festival. "After playing with Clubz, I ran to watch Teen Flirt's set and heard this track that reminded me of a rough track I just made few days ago," he told The FADER over email. "After the show I immediately had a chat with David and told him to listen this track so we could make something together."


The final product is a slinky, Spanish-language amalgamation of the trio's respective aesthetics: Teen Flirt's sparse, slow-sloshing production; Coco's new-wave vocals and smoky guitar work; and Adrian Be's generously Auto-Tuned croon. It almost shouldn't all work together, but it really, really does. "I think the chemistry was just right," Teen Flirt told FADER. "Coco likes to record several tries and Adrian has a much more '1-take' kind of school. We balanced ourselves out." The track is debuting above along with a strobe-heavy video by AJ Gomez and Fantasma Films.

Three Of Mexico’s Coolest Cross-Genre Artists Sync Up On “Señales”