Lupe Fiasco’s Neighbourhood Start Fund Announces Grant Recipients

Three entrepreneurs will receive $5,000 each to develop their businesses.

March 31, 2016

In October, Lupe Fiasco and Google executive Di-Ann Eisnor announced the formation of the Neighbourhood Start Fund, a project to provide entrepeneurs from marginalized New York neighbourhoods with a $5,000 grant to start their business. Today, the winners were announced, according to


The recipients are Lennie Carter for +1 (“a digital platform providing social therapy resources and information in order to change the landscape of mental health in poverty-stricken neighborhoods.”), Quardean Lewis-Allen for ShoodBE (“a way for small to medium-sized businesses, community organizations and nonprofits to target and engage consumers with information pertinent to themselves and their communities.”) and Bens Hilaire for SubwayTalent (“a peer-to-peer marketplace for discovering, connecting and booking independent artists.”)

In addition to $5,000 each founder will be assisted in digital development by Folio3. Read more about the founders and the Neighbourhood Start Fund here.

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Lupe Fiasco’s Neighbourhood Start Fund Announces Grant Recipients