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DMX Isn’t So Sure About Snapchat’s Face Swap Feature

The legendary rapper has another wild run-in with modern technology.

April 12, 2016

A 24-second video surfaced by OnlyHipHopFacts today finds the hardened rapper DMX mildly terrified by his initial encounter with Face Swap, the Snapchat feature that's got everyone tripping right now. DMX recoils when he's first dragged into the frame by his God daughter Paige Hurd (a.k.a. Tasha of Everyone Loves Chris), crying, "What happened? Why do you look like that?!" Eventually he gets the hang of it though—during the last few seconds of the clip, he squeals happily about his new visage.


This is not the first time that DMX has been started by technology: below, he learns how to use a laptop. "Just get a regular word," he declares in frustration at the end of the clip. "What the fuck is a Google?" Fair question.

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DMX Isn’t So Sure About Snapchat’s Face Swap Feature