Toronto Singer Tika Confronts Her Fears On “The Betrayer”

Bun bad mind.

April 14, 2016
Toronto Singer Tika Confronts Her Fears On “The Betrayer” Kadeem Ellis

The hardest part of growing up is realizing that sometimes we stand in our own way. That hurdle can be really difficult to clear, but once it happens the world feels a little lighter, burdens aren't as heavy. Toronto singer Tika, known mostly for her work as a media personality, has spent the past year turning out decidedly introspective music that is, no doubt, a by product of this transitional, figuring-it-all-out period. "The Betrayer" is the second single from her upcoming EP, Some Things Are Better Left Unsaid. Producer 2nd Son is a wiz at dreaming up a vibrant, live sound, feeding intricate guitar patterns and percussion to Tika who responds with jazzy, increasingly fervent vocals.


"The Betrayer is me, which you wouldn’t initially guess,” writes Tika in an e-mail to The FADER. "I went through a very rough break-up and he was able to see negative sides of me that I would never voluntarily allow others to see. I was hiding myself in my relationship. At the time, I had thought he betrayed me in leaving, but I was able to tap into my conscious and authentic self and learn to accept my flaws and, ultimately, accept me.”

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Toronto Singer Tika Confronts Her Fears On “The Betrayer”