Kelly Rowland Shares “Gimme Love”

With help from Seagram’s.

April 18, 2016

Kelly Rowland is partnering with Seagram’s to unveil two new beverages: pink pineapple passion and orange sassy swirl. “I think you should bring your colorful self and colorful personality to everything you do,” the singer explains in a video about the collaboration. “Keep it colorful is keeping it full of life, keeping it fun, keep it full of character, full of personality. I wanted to bring something new and different and bright to a brand I really admire.”


The commercial for the two flavors also includes a new track from Rowland titled “Gimme Love.” “I feel like what makes it a great song for the Seagram’s campaign is the fact that this whole campaign is so colorful, so alive,” she notes. “The song is the same way. They matched and they just made this beautiful marriage. ‘Gimme Love’ is fun. It’s energy. It was infectious, and everybody started dancing and having a good time around the studio. It painted the perfect picture.”

Listen below, and revisit the singer's recent interview with The FADER.

Kelly Rowland Shares “Gimme Love”