Timbaland Says Opera Noir Will Be His Last Album

It’s due out later this year in conjunction with a “hip-hop musical.”

May 06, 2016

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“Music has long been known as a young kid’s game,” Timbaland wrote near the end of his 2015 memoir. “I’ve been happily surprised that even in my forties, surprises keep coming. I’ve stopped planning and worrying, maneuvering and manipulating. I’m just doing the work.”


Some of that work will see release this year on the album Opera Noir. According to a press release, Timbaland is ready to cede pop to the young kids: Opera Noir will the legendary producer's last full-length. The album will trace “a young musician's rise to the top and hardships along the way–including struggles with poverty, substance abuse and crime.”

Variety reports that Timbaland is partnering with Leftfield Pictures to put together a musical that will be paired with the album. “Tim’s unbelievable candor about his experiences and difficult past help illustrate one of the most epic success stories in the industry,” the CEO of Leftfield told Variety. “We’re fortunate to be part of the ‘grand finale’ of an artist whose innovative and inspiring musical contributions have helped shape the business and will influence artists for years to come.”

Timbaland's last album, Shock Value II, came out in 2009.

Timbaland Says Opera Noir Will Be His Last Album