Brooklyn Band WALL Taste Poison In The Video For “Milk”

Watch the foursome star in their own murder mystery in this video for a track off their debut EP.

June 09, 2016

Furious foursome Vanessa Gomez, Vince McClelland, Elizabeth Skadden, and Sam York are WALL, a very New York post-punk-no-wave-whatever band that put out its self-titled debut EP on Wharf Cat this January. Together they're also the stars of their own murder mystery in the video for the EP's closer "Milk," premiering today. As guitarist and vocalist Sam York yelps Two-thousand feline mistresses!/ Laying all over the cobblestone! two young girls plan the band's poisoning.


"I had always struggled to think of a concept that would fit the more surreal aspects of this song," York wrote in a note to The FADER, "so when [director] Kevin Hayden approached us with the treatment that was so bizarre yet so perfect we all jumped at the opportunity. Kevin is an old friend we trusted his artistic vision for this and let him run with it. Ram Jam (a.k.a. Ramona Brooks) our cat-actor totally stole the show — she's everyone's favorite celebrity now."

Gomez, who plays drums, commented that the band and director were a "super pro video crew... and I was honestly surprised at how good Kevin is with children. Sure, the kids played a crucial role. But my favorite actors in the video come from our record label, Wharf Cat Records. Doug Warner plays the villain and Ramona Brooks plays the cat. I was pretty blown away by both of their performances." And bassist Skadden noted, "We had to cover ourselves in baby powder to make ourselves look 'dead.' We could never get enough on to satisfy Kevin and he kept telling telling us we looked too healthy."


WALL's upcoming tour dates:

28 Oct: London Calling at Paradiso, Amsterdam
29 Oct: Razzmatazz, Barcelona
01 Nov: Old Blue Last, London
03 Nov: Le Pop Up Du Label, Paris
04-05 Nov: Rolling Stone Weekender, Weissenhäuser Strand

Brooklyn Band WALL Taste Poison In The Video For “Milk”