Azekel Can’t Get Out of Love On “Stuck”

July 05, 2016
Azekel Can’t Get Out of Love On “Stuck” Rosaline Shahnavaz

U.K. singer AZEKEL recounts a love that he just can't shake on "Stuck." With his R&B vocals and bluesy inflections, he finds himself right back in the same roundabout and he can't find a path to get out of it. He sings, Stressed out hungover in the studio/ Trying to play some chords but they don't seem to go together/ Just like me and you. Despite his better intuition, his lover's holding on to some hope that the two of them can work and it's hard for AZEKEL to break free.


Over email, AZEKEL told The FADER, "I wrote this song a few years ago. It's about being in a relationship that somehow you feel compelled to stay in and being drawn back even through the rough patches. I produced the beat to be a mirror of the raw and emotive lyrics.”

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Azekel Can’t Get Out of Love On “Stuck”