PARTYNEXTDOOR Announces P3 Album “ith "Not”Nice"

The singer’s long-awaited album is due out August 12.

July 21, 2016

Not Nice! & Album pre-order Now Available #P3

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PARTYNEXTDOOR's P3 album has been a long-time in the making. The singer's last studio album, PARTYNEXTDOOR 2 came out in 2014, and, since then, the Toronto-native has been busy writing, recording, but seldom releasing music. Tonight, PND has officially announced his P3 album, which will come out August 12, along with a new single "Not Nice." For now, the only song titles that appear on the album are "Come And See Me" and "Not Nice," while the rest of the songs are numbered tracks. Pre-order the album now and listen to "Not Nice" below.


PARTYNEXTDOOR Announces P3 Album “ith "Not”Nice"