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Listen To Novelist’s New Loosie “Girls Around The World”

A catchy combo of grime and R&B from the young London MC.

August 09, 2016

Novelist - by @danikm

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The last single that Novelist released, "Snitches," blended grime and and dusty Memphis rap to dizzying effect. The 19-year-old MC seems to be continually bringing new sounds into the periphery of his comfort zone, and his latest loosie is further proof of his dexterity.


"Girls Around The World" is a '90s R&B-sampling tune that deals with a South London love affair. First thing that I told you when I met you is 'I'm a G,' he raps in the opening lines of the song. Novelist wrote a short message in the description for the self-produced track on SoundCloud: "Women make the world go round." Listen to the new track below.

Listen To Novelist’s New Loosie “Girls Around The World”