Experience Soulful Solitude With The Seshen’s “Flames & Figures” Video

Their second album Flames & Figures is out October 14.

August 15, 2016

Bay Area soul-pop alchemists The Seshen will release a second album Flames & Figures on October 14. In the video for the title track, the seven-piece band steps aside so frontwoman Lalin St. Juste can hit some windup doll dances with a floating silver ball as her only company. I just wanna see you, wanna get closer/ Wanna feel the distance in you go, she sings confidently, giving the track a glossy intimacy.


“'Flames & Figures' came from a stream of consciousness as I sat alone in my room, wrapping my mind around all the work that needs to be done in order to feel close to each other," St. Juste told The FADER over email. "I can often isolate myself, but what I know is that there is something deeper within all of us that can be unlocked when we let ourselves go and bridge the gap that exists between us. This song is that process, it is that expression of longing...it is knowing that love is both sorrowful and beautiful and I'm willing and open for it all."

Experience Soulful Solitude With The Seshen’s “Flames & Figures” Video