Frank Ocean Releases Endless Visual Album

After four years, the album is finally here.

August 18, 2016
Frank Ocean Releases <i>Endless</i> Visual Album

The fever pitch surrounding Frank Ocean's long-awaited sophomore album came to a head on August 1, when a mysterious livestream, bearing the Apple Music logo, appeared on the singer's personal website. Viewers were treated to occasional looped sounds as they watched Ocean cutting wood to build an unidentifiable structure. It seemed only right that Frank Ocean's last public act before sharing anything he had created with the public was to slow us down and make everyone wait longer. On August 5, the album's rumored release date, all activity on the livestream ceased and Frank Ocean disappeared again.


On Thursday, August 18, Frank Ocean returned to the livestream, continuing to build while songs from the album played on loop in the background. Now, the entire Frank Ocean visual album, which has been titled Endless, is available to stream on Apple Music. A representative for Apple Music told The New York Times's Joe Coscarelli to expect more from Frank Ocean this weekend. An Apple Music representative has confirmed to Rolling Stone that Boys Don't Cry is a separate album and will be released this weekend. Watch Frank Ocean's Endless visual album here.

Frank Ocean Releases Endless Visual Album