Watch Hunnaloe And Sly C’s “All I Know” Video

Dark World turns up to party.

September 06, 2016
Watch Hunnaloe And Sly C’s “All I Know” Video Jake Wayler

Hunnaloe is from New York, lives in Indianapolis, and runs with Dark World, a DIY label and collective based in rural Massachusetts. The crew is known for its all-over-the-place output — unpolished, genre-bending home recordings that are sometimes goofy and self-aware and other times more serious. Hunnaloe's "All I Know," which features Tennessee rapper Sly C and sounds exactly like a cloudy day feels, is on the more straight-faced end of that spectrum.


The song's new video, debuting here today, was shot by Jacob Wayler and slickly edited by Weird Dane. A good amount of the Dark World team turns up to hang with Hunnaloe and Sly: DJ Lucas grins and chain-smokes, Josue talks on a phone, Gods Wisdom zones out on a couch. The track itself celebrates friendship, too: I can't do that broke shit/ my niggas be my bros/ the only shit I know, Hunnaloe raps. Watch it below.

Watch Hunnaloe And Sly C’s “All I Know” Video