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Kehlani Rejoins Twitter

After deleting her account last July, the Oakland singer is back.

September 18, 2016

I triple dog dare you.

A photo posted by @kehlani on

Last July, Kehlani deleted her Twitter account after sending out a series of furious complaints at United Airlines. Afterwards, the Oakland singer posted a statement in an Instagram post (that has also since been deleted) explaining why.


According to Jezebel, Kehlani wrote, “Due to constantly being misunderstood..Having my words constantly used against me... And for the sake of my mental health... I deactivated my Twitter account. From now on I’ll just let my music speak.”

Today, Kehlani announced that she was rejoining Twitter. Claiming the handle @kehlani, her first tweet on the new account was simply, "back in this bitch." Follow her Twitter account here.

I made a twitter

A photo posted by @kehlani on

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Kehlani Rejoins Twitter