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“Angel” From Mozart’s Sister Is Perfectly Ornate Synth-Pop

It’s the b-side from the Montreal artist’s new cassette.

September 19, 2016
“Angel” From Mozart’s Sister Is Perfectly Ornate Synth-Pop Photo by Rebecca Storm

Perhaps you caught the "Eternally Girl" video from Mozart's Sister last month. Today, The FADER premieres "Angel," the second track on the Montreal pop artist's upcoming cassette along with "Eternally Girl." Once more, Caila Thompson-Hannant builds a prismatic electronic pop landscape with as many layers and dimensions as her formidable vocal presence.


"I didn’t have an idea before I started," Mozart's Sister told The FADER over email, "but when I found the first bog-like synth sound I started to imagine bubbling sea foam and then the ocean and what it means to live by the sea. I created a fantastic story in which the heroine was in love with a person who was perfect, but unattainable. Living by the ocean is like this. You live with the sea, a perfect, wild, strong, seductive character who you can never posses and yet wields so much power over you."

You can preorder the "Eternally Girl / Angel" cassette at Arbutus Records before it drops on October 5.

“Angel” From Mozart’s Sister Is Perfectly Ornate Synth-Pop