Quay Dash Mesmerizes With New Single, “Shades On Top Down”

We dare you to sit still through the Bronx rapper’s new one.

September 29, 2016

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Quay Dash has once again unapologetically commandeered our headphones with her new track, "Shades On Top Down." The Bronx rapper placed her hypnotic vocals over a high energy dance beat — and the result? A magnetic club banger that'll have you repeating the addictive chorus and asking the DJ to run it back again. Quay has no reservations about calling out her haters over the fun, electronic bassline. Her high-speed dismissal of all the silly ass broads that can't hold a candle to her is wonderfully bold and in true Quay fashion. She's a queen, and she'll be damned if you don't know it. Hear "Shades On Top Down" below and check out her new tape Transphobic on her Soundcloud — it's full of songs we love.

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Quay Dash Mesmerizes With New Single, “Shades On Top Down”