Find Your Light With Arima Ederra’s “In My Garden”

“I’ve been ready to sprout.”

October 11, 2016
Find Your Light With Arima Ederra’s “In My Garden” Jack McKain

Arima Ederra is eager to blossom. Today, the Los Angeles based singer/songwriter offers the first single, "In My Garden" from her upcoming EP Temporary Fixes, which comes out November 15th. Over the soft instrumental made by London producer Jack Hyde, Ederra's vocals are delicate and her words are clear and intentional. Her airy but strong vibrato lingers as she welcomes the light into her life. Ederra sings, I'm waiting for the sun to come out and play with me/ I am ready/ I'm ready to sprout.


"I've been ready to sprout," Ederra told The FADER over email. "As people, sometimes I feel like we can be our biggest obstacles.The "garden" was a metaphor for me. At the time that I wrote the song, I felt like I was ready to sprout, yet found myself still coming back to this garden to work on me again and again."

She continued, "We are ever growing and evolving beings, it's important to allow ourselves the time and nurture we need to grow. No matter how much you may frequent the garden, it's a space for you to come back to you."

Go see Arima Ederra perform live in L.A. on Friday, October 14th at the Queens of the New Age showcase.

Find Your Light With Arima Ederra’s “In My Garden”