Alex G Discusses His Role On Frank Ocean’s Blonde Album

Though he isn’t listed in the credits, Alex G says he played guitar on “White Ferrari” and “Self Control.”

October 13, 2016

Ahead of his performance at Run For Cover Records's Something In The Way Festival, Alex G sat down with the label for an in-depth discussion on his music and his recent involvement in Frank Ocean's Endless and Blonde projects. Alex G is credited on guitar for three tracks from Ocean's Endless visual album. And, though he isn't listed in the Blonde credits, the Philadelphia artists tells Run For Cover that he also contributed to "Self Control" and White Ferrari."


Alex G says he was on tour in London, when he got an email from Ocean's manager, asking if he wanted to meet up with the singer before his show. He recorded with Ocean in London and also flew out to Los Angeles to record.

He also details his contributions to Blonde: For “Self Control,” [Frank] wrote the chords and he was like, “Can you just play these in a different way?” He, like, wanted me to play them more...soulfully or something? I forget. But then I did that and I did, like, little riffs on top of it. And then there’s an ending part that’s not me in “Self Control.” I just did the beginning chords."

Watch Run For Cover's full interview with Alex G above.

Alex G Discusses His Role On Frank Ocean’s Blonde Album