French Rapper Manast LL’ Makes A Jam For Late-Late Vibes On “At Night”

The day is ending and he’s ready to make moves.

November 03, 2016

Parisian rapper Manast LL' flexes on the daytime in his new song, "At Night" featuring HAUTE. On the track, he sing-raps about the lusty feels and fiascos he thinks about when it gets dark out. He calls out the vices that provide the vibes for the late-night functions: Drinkin' lean/ molly and henny with the weed. Singer HAUTE, fits into the groove with her smooth vocals as she holds down the song's bridge and backs Manast on the hook. As a member of the creative collective The Blue Line, Manast is picking up momentum in the French music scene and earlier this year in June, the MC released his latest EP, Known as Sookah.


"I wrote 'At Night' every time I was fucked up in London and Paris, mostly during night time, partying, alone, or with a good company," Manast said over email to The FADER. "The intro by my friend Savanna was taken from a convo we had about dreams and shits."

"I think it's a lifestyle-song showing my state of mind at a precise moment, my deep-love for the ratchet girls, or how I felt after my performance at La Maroquinerie. I really wanted to have an anthem song for all my brothers to bump. For the people who don't know me, I want them to keep the hook, the melody in mind. I worked with my day ones Astrolabe Musique, we added that HAUTE sauce, thanks to Blasé's drums and bass, with Anna's wonderful voice. There it go!"

Check out the song above and on Kitsune's Hot Stream platform.

French Rapper Manast LL’ Makes A Jam For Late-Late Vibes On “At Night”