Willow Smith Offers Some Words Of Wisdom On “November 9th”

The stripped-down song meets post-election despair with empathy.

November 14, 2016

R e s p e c t / C o m p a s s I o n // ¿ where are they ?

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November 9th isn't a day most of us will be forgetting anytime soon. Willow Smith seems to be taking the news as well as any of us though. "November 9th," apparently written in the aftermath of the election, is a stripped-down prayer set to guitar, that offer some empathetic words of wisdom from the sixteen-year-old.


Baby girl I know you're tired. Don't let the world put out your fire, she sings in the song's opening bars, adding later, Anger and sadness aren't everything. Speaking to her male contemporaries, she offers some similarly resonant advice: Baby boy don't lose your sweetness. Don't think your humanity equals weakness. Given the circumstances, those affirmations feel pretty important.

Willow Smith Offers Some Words Of Wisdom On “November 9th”