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Jacob Banks And Boogie Conquer Repression On “Monster 2.0”

“Let’s subtract all the fake, I don’t need no additions.”

December 08, 2016
Jacob Banks And Boogie Conquer Repression On “Monster 2.0” Johnny Fonseca

U.K. singer Jacob Banks and rapper Boogie teamed up for a riveting remix of "Monster 2.0," which is premiering on The FADER today. As Banks's timber shakes up the track, Boogie anchors it with a heartfelt verse. Banks confronts the powers that be in lines like, "They made a monster out of me/ They put a shot in my back/ They did me to the count of three." Boogie's handles the repression of society with a more mellow offering, and builds momentum while speaking directly to the forces that have tried to break him down, as he raps, "You build me up, you break me down/ you said you sure, you let me drown."


Over email with The FADER, Banks explained the song: "Monster is about social conditioning, you can't take away someone’s opportunity and then crucify them for the means they took to thrive. This song is for the everyday warrior, to remind you that you are G, you are the shit and protect your magic. It's incredible to be able to work with someone I am actually a fan of. I feel privileged to have Boogie bless this joint."

Jacob Banks And Boogie Conquer Repression On “Monster 2.0”