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Listen To Miles Chancellor’s Self-Aware West End Chza Album

It includes his recent single, “Raised By the Wolves.”

December 12, 2016
Listen To Miles Chancellor’s Self-Aware <i>West End Chza</i> Album Andrew Reddick

West Philadelphia's unshakable artist Miles Chancellor presents his introspective album, West End Chza. Throughout 15 tracks, he melodically raps with confidence and at some points, he also sings in rich melodies. Here, Chancellor tenaciously approaches each song in celebration of the odds he's defeated. He's hellbent on shining.


"I made this project with the intention of following up the project I released earlier this year, NO MAN'S ISLAND, but it turned into more like a second installment of a growing trilogy," Chancellor told The FADER over email. "It's a continuation of my story, a reflection of how I and how the people around me feel at times being from where we're from. West End has become more than an album title, its a badge of honor, a mindset, and a movement."

Listen To Miles Chancellor’s Self-Aware West End Chza Album