The “Harambe” Emoji Is Finally Here

Because 2016.

December 13, 2016
The “Harambe” Emoji Is Finally Here Screenshot via Emojipedia.

Apple has rolled out 104 new emojis, including a facepalm icon and a gorilla users are already labeling "Harambe." The iOS 10.2 beta is available to all users as of December 12 and includes the latest emoji update after the peach was changed back to its butt-like form in November.


The new emojis include lots of new food options (avocado, bacon, pancakes, carrot, potato, peanut, kiwi, cucumber, croissant, baguette bread, paella, salad, egg) plus duck, butterfly, shark, fox, rhino, gorilla, deer, bat, eagle, owl, lizard, shrimp, and squid in the animal section.

The "Harambe" emoji is joined by one to signify a shrug, an extended arm for a selfie, crossed fingers, the “call me” hand, a fist bump, and raised back of hand. There are also new face emoji, like the green, sick guy and the Pinocchio-nosed liar. Meanwhile, goths will welcome the introduction of both a bat and a black heart emoji among the new roll out.

Apple has confirmed that the emojis will appear on all Apple devices, including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch (watchOS 3.11) and Mac (macOS Sierra 10.12.2). Check out all of the new emojis on Emojipedia.

The “Harambe” Emoji Is Finally Here