A Year In Everything: Nazuk Kochhar

A few of my favorite mass-text-inducing gems: songs, videos, books, moments, and more from 2016.

December 21, 2016
A Year In Everything: Nazuk Kochhar

It's a reflex: when I experience something that touches my heart — be it a song, a book, a movie, or a tweet — I text it to everyone I know. It's been like that since high school, and this year was no different. From late nights scrolling through the internet, to happening upon a magical book, to mixes that transported me home to Virginia, here are just a handful of the many gems from this year that made me feel something special, and in turn caused me to blow up the phones of my loved ones (sorry again, y’all).

This Treez Lowkey song that hit me in the gut.
This fantastic book on how Japan made American style better.
A Year In Everything: Nazuk Kochhar Basic Books
The glory that is Gank Gaank.
When Backyard Band came to Central Park and I lost my shit, as did the rest of the D.M.V. population living in New York City.

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When Migos and Ricky Racks created the ultimate life anthem.
This motivational video, which I've returned to almost every week since it came into my life.
This song's hook hits home, and it was awesome to hear Uno and Key! on a song together.
This one minute and thirty one seconds of magic. Thanks, Ohbliv.
Anytime ADER error posted anything.

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When I became addicted to this song's catchy AF hooks and crazy AF production.
When Wiki performed Lil Me front to back.

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This mix that took me home to VA.
And this mix that made me call my mom.
This. Mixtape. It soundtracked a lot of late night walks/rides home. Pablo and Spiffy are a force to be reckoned with.
When President Obama and Anthony Bourdain had noodles and beer in Vietnam.
This motivational banger from Tampa's Young Juicemane was on repeat for a minute.

"Court Vision" because it sends me to another planet. This one got me through a lot of tough nights.

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A Year In Everything: Nazuk Kochhar