Sky Ferreira Will Feature On The Jesus And Mary Chain’s New Album

“Dreams come true 💙”

March 09, 2017

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Later this month, March 24, pioneering Scottish indie band The Jesus and Mary Chain will release their first album in nearly 20 years. As Pitchfork notes in a new interview with the band's Jim Reid, Damage and Joy will include vocals on one song from fan of the band Sky Ferreira.

Ferreira appears on a song titled "Black and Blue," which is described as being about "doomed lovers" by Reid. Speaking about her appearance, he added: "We were just getting the album together, and we realized there were a lot of duets. So we started asking our friends, ‘Well, who do you think we should get?’ And she had just done a vocal with Primal Scream. So we had asked Bobby [Gillespie], who do you think we should get to sing on our record, and obviously he said Sky, so, of course, why not? So we asked, and she was keen, and she did a fine job."

Confirming news of the collaboration via Instagram, Ferreira wrote: "I still can't believe it & they have been top 5 favorite bands since I was in middle school. I even had a poster in my room. Dreams come true 💙"

Ferreira continues to work on her next solo album, Masochism, with acting roles in the Twin Peaks revival and a movie about a Norwegian metal band also in the pipeline.

Sky Ferreira Will Feature On The Jesus And Mary Chain’s New Album