Watch Yaeji Find The Beat In The Groovy “Feel It Out” Video

Her new self-titled EP is out now on GODMODE.

April 04, 2017

Yaeji is an artist based in New York and Seoul, making dazed house music that urges you to dance and not take things so seriously. Her new music video for "Feel It Out," premiering today on The FADER, is a perfect visualization of this vibe: Yaeji records chilled out bars in her apartment, as pineapples and other household items come alive and start dancing enthusiastically to the music, Beauty and the Beast style.


"Feel It Out is about my eye-opening experience living in different cultures," Yaeji told The FADER over email." Something that matters here could mean nothing there, and learning this opened up my mind." The video's production was another revealing experience, she wrote. "When deciding where to shoot the video, Anthony [Sylvester, the clip's director] thought of this apartment he was staying at in the Bronx. The apartment would come to life and have a character of its own, whether or not I choose to interact with it. I went a bit out of my comfort zone for this shoot by exaggerating movements and words, so the process of this video is also showed how I've changed. That also made more sense since “'shit is crazy, shit is Yaeji.'"

Yaeji's self-titled debut EP is out now on GODMODE.

Thumbnail photo by Jake Naviasky

Watch Yaeji Find The Beat In The Groovy “Feel It Out” Video