Stream Actress’s New Album AZD

The electronic musician has shared the follow up to 2014’s Ghettoville.

April 14, 2017
Stream Actress’s New Album <I>AZD</i> Mehdi Lacoste

U.K. producer Darren Cunningham a.k.a Actress has released his new album AZD (pronounced “Azid”). The album is out now via Ninja Tune and is the follow-up to 2014's influential Ghettoville. It includes the single "X22RME" plus tracks with titles such as "FALLING RIZLAS" and "THERE'S AN ANGEL IN THE SHOWER" (like one of today's other major releases, all song titles on AZD are in caps). A press release issued when the album was announced describes AZD as "a new musical system" and a "a chrome aspect journey into a parallel world." Hear it for yourself via Spotify below.


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Stream Actress’s New Album AZD