Buddy And Kaytranada Share New Song “Find Me”

The pair’s collaborative EP Ocean & Montana is out May 19.

May 12, 2017

Kaytranada will be producing Ocean & Montana, the upcoming EP from Compton rapper Buddy (he's the Pharrell signed rapper behind 2011's "Awesome Awesome.") The duo's new song "Find Me" is a sibling to Buddy's previous single "Shine": both songs are R&B-laced portraits of someone lost and struggling with a lot of demons, backed by beats with a sanctified touch. In the case of "Find Me," though, Kaytranada brings something that's more immediately funky.


Listen to "Find Me" below. Buddy and Kaytranada's Ocean & Montana EP is out May 19.

Buddy And Kaytranada Share New Song “Find Me”