Nobody Softly Shreds Quite Like (Sandy) Alex G

Watch a beautiful new version of “Poison Root,” with live violin.

August 03, 2017

Rocket, (Sandy) Alex G's newest album-length masterpiece, sees the 24-year-old meandering betweens sounds and styles, from old-school country to industrial rap. But the whole thing kicks off with "Poison Root," a woodsy psych ballad that features a dog and a banjo. It's a gorgeous and freaky track, and a perfect introduction to a record that is very much both of those things.


Between recent performances as a key member of Frank Ocean's live band, Alex visited an eerie old puppet house with The FADER. There, he played a new, scaled-back take on "Posion Root." Like the version on the album, this one features Molly Germer, whose violin adds an unnerving texture to some of Rocket's best moments. Watch the one-shot video above.


Director: Scott Perry
Producer: Madison LaClair

Associate Producer: Patrick D. McDermott
Executive Producer: Rob Semmer

Executive Producers: Rob Stone, Jon Cohen, Andy Cohn, Anthony Holland

Director of Photography: Mikey van Beuren

Steadicam Operator: Peter Keeling
Assistant Camera: Jonathan Cortizo
Gaffer: Lori Dinsmore

Sound Recordist: Miliken Gardner

Editor: Sam Balaban

Sound Mix: Aaron Bastinelli

Colorist: Carlos Flores

Thank you: (Sandy) Alex G, Molly Germer, Domino, and Puppet Works, Inc.

Rocket is out now on Domino.
Nobody Softly Shreds Quite Like (Sandy) Alex G