Lizzo’s “Water Me” Video Is All About Nourishing The Self

Stay hydrated.

August 17, 2017

When you’re being nourished properly, you can grow to your fullest potential. Relationships, whether they be romantic or not, should be mutually beneficial and in singer and rapper Lizzo’s latest video for Ricky Reed-produced “Water Me,” she is generous with her energy, so long as there’s reciprocity.


Directed by Quinn Wilson and Asha Efia, the shots of black children, men, and women using water to regenerate their bodies and spirits speaks to the fact that we all deserve care and support, especially from ourselves.

In an email with The FADER, Lizzo described the inspiration behind the video: ”Water Me is a labor of love. I pride myself on how quickly I can finish a song but this took 7 months! It's about needing nourishment, it's about being loved for who you are. The video concept was a collaboration from my bad ass creative team: me, Andy Madeline, Quinn Wilson and Asha Efia. We're celebrating black beauty and the meaningful freedom of water.”

Lizzo’s “Water Me” Video Is All About Nourishing The Self