Watch Fekky’s “Cappin’ On The Net” Video When Your Timeline Is Getting Too Much

The south London grime MC shares the latest visuals from his El Clasico album.

September 05, 2017

Fekky, a.k.a. Mr Bu Bu Bang to his friends, released his debut studio album in August. El Clasico is a confident and exuberant listen, filled with crossover anthems and guests including Skepta, Giggs, and Section Boyz.


Today, September 5, he is premiering the video for the sleek "Cappin' On The Net" on The FADER. The glossy visuals capture Fekky surrounded by his crew in the club, as well as riding high on top of a van riding down a deserted London road late at night. The triumphant mood created in the video is reflected in Fekky's lyrics, essentially one long clapback at haters on the internet.

"'Cappin' On The Net' basically means talking rubbish on the internet," Fekky explains via email. "This track is about what I see in today's world as a result of the influence of social media. I feel like everyone's got something to say, often too much, so 'Cappin' On The Net' is my way of cutting through the noise and saying my piece.

"With the video, I wanted it to portray a bit of class but also keep it street. My favorite shot was when they filmed me standing on top of the moving van in the middle of the street. That's what I call a statement shot and one that is indicative of how I feel: On top!"

Fekky's El Clasico is out now. Check out the "Cappin' On The Net" video above.

Watch Fekky’s “Cappin’ On The Net” Video When Your Timeline Is Getting Too Much