Creek Boyz’s “I’m The One” Is Guaranteed To Lift You Up

ETS Breeze and ETS J Reezy shine on the newest from the Baltimore County rap group.

September 12, 2017

Baltimore County’s Creek Boyz make music that lifts you up. “I’m The One,” the group’s follow-up to May’s heart-bursting smash "With My Team," is no exception. Premiering today on The FADER with a video that brings out the whole neighborhood, “I’m The One" stars Creek Boyz’s resident hook virtuoso ETS Breeze, and features fellow group member ETS J Reezy who fully basks in the glow-up on his guest verse.


The song, which originally appeared on the group’s April 2017 Perfect Timing compilation, is about proving doubters wrong, finding strength in the grind, and knowing deep down you’re the one destined for something greater. As Breeze belts on the chorus, “I remember people didn’t believe in me/ My momma told me never stop that grind, son/ A lotta niggas tried to change on me/ They hatin ‘cuz they know that I’m the one.”

"In the city we from, it ain't no hope, but we can change that with our music,” Creek Boyz shared with The FADER over email. “We The Ones!!!!!!!!!!"

Watch the video above.

Creek Boyz’s “I’m The One” Is Guaranteed To Lift You Up