Munroe Bergdorf stars in this body-positive video from new U.K. singer Kamille

“Body” is the sultry debut from a behind-the-scenes songwriter.

October 04, 2017

Kamille is a songwriter from London with some major pop credits — under her real name Camille Purcell, she wrote Little Mix's U.K. number one singles "Shout Out To My Ex" and "Black Magic." On her own debut single, "Body" (featuring Avelino), she takes a more low-key R&B tack, with heavily processed vocals and loaded pauses creating a tense, futuristic backdrop to her chastising of shallow men. In the video, which stars model, DJ, and activist Munroe Bergdorf, the slow-burning track becomes the soundtrack to an uplifting portrait of glistening, powerful, and beautiful bodies.


In an email, Kamille explained that "Body" is "about my own personal experiences, as well as those of others. It's about the way it feels when someone looks at you and makes a judgement before getting to know you. We all have things about our appearance that speak louder than we want sometimes."

When discussing the premise with video director Crack Stevens, the track took on a new meaning. "We started to have this really personal conversation about the things we conceal, and how they are often the things that are actually beautiful about us...My dream would be that [the video] makes people stop just for a second and celebrate their own flaws, and hopefully, just for that second, break the natural human instinct to discriminate against everyone else’s. They are after all what make us beautiful." Watch it above.

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Munroe Bergdorf stars in this body-positive video from new U.K. singer Kamille