Diddy says he wants to buy the NFL

“New dream alert!”

October 11, 2017

Amidst ongoing player protests, and suppression from officials and team owners, Diddy has put forward his desire to purchase the NFL.


"I did have a dream to own a nfl lteam but after this post my DREAM IS TO OWN OUR OWN LEAGUE," he wrote on Instagram. "WHERE YOU CAN BE YOURSELF. Have a retirement plan. Have the freedom to be a great human and protest for your people without being demonized for your beliefs as a KING." On Twitter, he wrote out the same thoughts, followed by, "SELL ME THE NFL NOW!!!!"

In September, Diddy sent a response to NFL players after Donald Trump attacked player protests on Twitter, offering a message of support and urging players to unite.

Thumbnail image: Gareth Cattermole / Getty Images.

Diddy says he wants to buy the NFL