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G Perico knows exactly where he comes from

A new mini-doc from The FADER and Alpha Industries reveals a street-level view of the faces and places that shaped the artist’s character.

October 11, 2017

G Perico is winning over rap fans in droves. Some like his flow (slaps), some like his production (classic), but everybody likes his vivid, live-from-the-scene tales of his hometown Los Angeles neighborhood. So while it’s no surprise to see he’s popular on the local streets, G Perico’s easygoing humility and eagerness to represent for his community makes him feel downright refreshing. In the first episode of Foundation, a new mini-doc series from The FADER and Alpha Industries, the South Central artist shows sincere appreciation for an environment that was as challenging as it was formative. “Everybody around here is important to my life. Whether I hated them, whether I loved them. They all taught me something.”


The mini-doc gives the audience a street-level glimpse into G Perico's world, putting the spotlight on the corner stores and breezy conversations that surround the fast-rising rapper. Despite his growing fame, G Perico brushes off his own accolades to express real love for the people around him: “I’m in to represent and speak for a culture that’s demonized, that’s misunderstood. I’m here to speak for them.”

Watch the full documentary above, and read G Perico’s Gen F interview here.

Director: Robert Semmer
Producer: Frances Capell
Executive Producers: Rob Stone, Jon Cohen, Andy Cohn
Production Manager: Madison LaClair
Director of Photography: Scott Perry
Assistant Camera: Andrew Sales
Sound Engineer: Jake Viator
Production Assistant: Patrick Haadsma
Editor: Jack Foster
Color: Andrew Sales
Titles: Fatima Jafri and Madison Bullard

G Perico knows exactly where he comes from