Suzi Analogue’s “NRG NRG” video is a jumpstart for your soul

The producer invites us into her digital world with her latest visual.

January 31, 2018

Suzi Analogue's "NRG NRG," taken from her recently re-released ZONEZ V.1 project, is one of those songs that, when played in headphones, heightens the way the listener moves through the world. The track's steadily building 8-bit melodies make you feel as though your dodging all obstacles on the way to beating a challenging level of a video game.


The video for the song, which premieres on The FADER today, was inspired by Suzi Analogue's time in New York City and serves as a gentle nudge into action. As she explained over email:

The visuals, a collaboration with artist WAXO, are my way of showing some of the electric world my sounds live in and how that energy becomes a real thing people can feel. It carries the energy of NYC, I made it when living in the city. The song is literally a call for us all to tap into energy that motivate us to do what we need to in order to live great, thing big, imagine big - don't be stagnant, push everything forward - we need that right now - now more than ever.

Thumbnail image: Hannah Siegfried & Hannah Black.

Suzi Analogue’s “NRG NRG” video is a jumpstart for your soul