Lucy reminds me I love music

Nothing feels inspired compared to “CAN YOU FEEL THE BEAT TONIGHT?”

February 07, 2018

The Hadley, MA heartthrob Cooper Handy made the very uplifting decision this winter to revisit his late-2016 Lucy track "Can You Feel The Beat Tonight" and make a fancy new clip filmed in Cape Cod. "Young fine people, can you feel the beat tonight?"


Guy Kozak directs and Cooper dances in a style that feels like Whit Stillman doing Grey Gardens. One-of-a-kind, twice over. It's only a two-minute track but it's such an odd beauty: earnest, half-deskilled pop music unlike anything. (Fans should check out the mid-2000's New York artist Nunzio Fattini, a.k.a. Fanuelle, whose "Body Romana" should be in museums.)

He's right to say this is "The kind of music that will last forever."

Below is his most recent project.

Lucy reminds me I love music