T-Pain responds to Quincy Jones’ ’Vulture’ statements

“This is legit one of the reasons I don’t work with the managers I had anymore.”

February 08, 2018
T-Pain responds to Quincy Jones’ ’Vulture’ statements Andrew Toth / Stringer / Getty Images

Earlier this afternoon, Vulture published a truly wild, no-holds-barred interview with the legendary Quincy Jones that has since spawned a myriad of questions and responses (some of them visual). Jones didn't hold back when unleashing his opinions on MJ, Bono, Marlon Brando or The Beatles. But when it came down to contemporary artists, he was particularly disappointed with how Soul Bossa Nova came out, a 2010 compilation album that enlisted the likes of artists ranging from Snoop Dogg to Mary J. Blige covering Jones' biggest songs. He specifically addressed T-Pain (who covered "PYT" with Robin Thicke), saying "T-Pain, man, he didn’t pay attention to the details.”


Now, T-Pain has responded in a series of tweets, alleging that he had never felt comfortable with recording the song, and that he had expressed his reservations to Jones. "I have nothing but respect for the guy," he wrote, "so I don’t know why we didn’t hold the song or tell me exactly what he wanted when I kept taking the headphones off beggin for direction from the God." Read T-Pain's response, and hear his "PYT" cover, below.

T-Pain responds to Quincy Jones’ ’Vulture’ statements