BlocBoy JB is his own producer on new song “Prod By Bloc”

The Memphis rapper has moves, bars, and now, beats.

April 17, 2018

BlocBoy JB's breakout hits like the Lil Uzi Vert-cosigned "Shoot" and "Look Alive" featuring Drake (which currently sits at No. 5 on the Billboard Hot 100) have been produced by his longtime associate Tay Keith. But like the title of his new song and video suggests, "Prod By Bloc" finds the Memphis rapper trying on the role of producer. It's a minimal instrumental with no melody and a metallic snare, a sharp clang that's echoed in the video, directed by @Fredrivk_Ali, which features BlocBoy's crew banging pots in between dance-offs in a suburban estate.


BlocBoy told The FADER over email how he crafted the "Prod By Bloc" beat. "One day I was in the studio with Trakboi and he left his drum pad on. So, I hopped on it and was like "Fucc it let me make a beat" because Tay Keith was moving too slow. I was just joking around, but Trak was like "Go 'head and try it out." It resulted in me making this beat is like one or two minutes. My beats remind me of beatin' on a desk in the classroom once the teacher leaves. But hell yeah, I plan on making more beats for sure."

BlocBoy JB's next project is called Simi, and it's on the way. Last weekend he was a special guest during Cardi B's Coachella set.

Thumbnail photo by Meron Menghistab for The FADER

BlocBoy JB is his own producer on new song “Prod By Bloc”