Launder’s “Annie Blue” video is fittingly creepy and nostalgic

The California dream rock songwriter’s Pink Cloud EP is out now.

May 09, 2018

John Cudlip is a singer-songwriter from California who makes Psychocandy-esque dream rock as Launder. His newest project is an EP called Pink Cloud; it features contributions from the French songwriter Soko and Zachary Cole Smith from DIIV.


According to an email from Cudlip, "Annie Blue" contains the EP's darkest lyrics, despite the fact that it's hinged on a jittery, vaguely upbeat guitar riff. "It’s about helping someone up out of a dark place while simultaneously being dragged down into it all," he explained. "I knew it needed to be accompanied by visuals."

Those visuals are debuting above, in the form of a video by Los Angeles director Robbie Barnett. It reminds me of old goth videos, Picnic At Hanging Rock, and, like, various Creepypastas. "It’s got that dark nostalgic feeling that stuck with me throughout the writing process," Cudlip added. "The final product was beyond anything I could have asked for."

Thumbnail image by Cameron McCool

Launder’s “Annie Blue” video is fittingly creepy and nostalgic