Watch Zilo’s “Don’t Waste My Time” video if you’re an introvert

Relatable content for loners everywhere.

July 03, 2018

Zilo is a 24-year-old R&B singer from London whose "Don't Waste My Time" is an ode to shutting the door, putting your phone on flight mode, and enjoying some alone time after a break up.


"I’m spending so much time alone ‘cause I don’t relate to anyone" she sings on the track, just the third since she released since emerging earlier this year. A full-length project, titled The Nature Of The Beast, is due on September 2.

The "Don't Waste My Time" video, premiering above, sees Zilo embracing time away from others around her home city. She sings the addictive hook of the song in her kitchen, hangs out in bed, and makes her way to the local park to watch the trains leaving for the suburbs.

Speaking to The FADER via email, Zilo said: “I loved shooting this visual as I really wanted to show a more vulnerable side to me that I hadn’t really shown. [Directors] Bole Collective just get what I’m doing and have really great ideas - it’s super easy to just be myself with them and push the boundaries together.“

Watch the "Don't Waste My Time" video above.

Watch Zilo’s “Don’t Waste My Time” video if you’re an introvert