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The 10 best new rap songs right now

Featuring Valee, BlocBoy JB, ’LGado, Bangg 3, Cash Kidd, and more.

July 19, 2018
The 10 best new rap songs right now


BlocBoy JB, "Nonstop CMix"

I think we were all wondering where this was at as soon as we heard the Drake version.


Bangg 3, "Checkington"

Bangg 3 is a rap duo from Columbus, OH (possibly named after a Chief Keef album..?).


Cash Kidd, "I'm On"

Sounds like there's a Part Two with Yhung T.O previewed at the end of this song??


'LGado, "Crazy"

'LGado is on a golf course with a dirt bike, putting a golf ball with that golf stick you're supposed to use to hit the ball really far. He's crazy.


Foolio, "Yes Lord"

Foolio returns to the Rap List with a standout from his Zaytoven-produced project, 6Toven.


Valee, "Loading"

They copied his old flow so Valee got a new one.


D. Brooks Exclusive f. Calboy & KD Young Cocky, “Told You”

Summertime shlap.


JayDaYoungan, "Elimination"

Guitar beats are in this season.


Lil Baby f. Offset, "Coupe"

"I'm on a yacht with a yacht"


owty, "That's Me"

This 13-year-old made a good rap song.

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The 10 best new rap songs right now