Petite Noir returns with “Blame Fire”

The South African artist will release mini album La Maison Noir on October 5.

July 30, 2018
Petite Noir returns with “Blame Fire” Petit Noir. Photographer: Creative Director RhaRha Nembhard Styling by Gabrielle Kannemeyer   Kyle Weeks

Three years after the release of his debut album, South African artist Petite Noir today returns with new song "Blame Fire" and details of a new mini-album. La Maison Noir / The Black House will be released on October 5. Scroll down to hear the energetic and melodic "Blame Fire" now.


La Maison Noir is the third of Petite Noir’s noirwave projects, a movement created by Petite Noir and creative director RhaRha responding to current cultural movements in Africa. “Blame Fire” is phrase created by Petite Noir, meaning “Thank God”.

Speaking to The FADER via email, he explained a little more about the story behind the song. "It is a word that I created to express the way one feels when you have been down for so long but the drive and fire is still inside of you. You are thankful! It's all about channeling the revenge energy.


"The track is a personal journey into my life and experiences. This is the first time in my career that I have ever been this honest with my art/music. Being an immigrant and being forced to mobilise has taught me how to navigate this current reality using the gifts that I have been given to me. To turn my unique experience of exile into something bigger than myself."

Check out "Blame Fire" below and read on for a brief catch-up with Petite Noir.


This is the first new music we have heard from you in a little while. What have you been up to since La Vie Est Belle / Life Is Beautiful dropped in 2015?

The last 3 years have been full of growth and failing forward. I was at my lowest but now I’m ready to reach my highest. There was a lot of self discovery and growing up. I learnt that the benchmark of success was not how I had envisioned it to be. Success is a more internal than it is external for me. Because there were so many times that I felt like giving up but here I am. I've also been in studio refining the Noirwave sound and message.

What will we learn about you from La Maison Noir?


La Maison Noir is my world. It's a house that houses the diaspora, immigrants and outcasts. It represents a time of exodus, of departure: a movement towards a new future for the world.

Danny Brown and Saul Williams both feature on this project. How was it working with them?

A dream come true. They are some of the most progressive artists in music right now and so am I. So I think it was a perfect match.

La Maison Noir is released on October 5 via Roya and is available to pre-order now.
Petite Noir returns with “Blame Fire”