T3 rules, and here’s the proof

The older brother of SahBabii’s got vocals for days.

September 13, 2018

The FADER's weekly column What Rules highlights our office's new obsessions.

Who are they

Name: T3 or itzmrT3
Style: Home-honed, warm 'n' smooth ass singing (that kinda sounds like the vocal version of spicy honey) from the big brother who put SahBabii onto making music.
Location: Atlanta via Chicago

Why should I listen?

There's a part on "Boyfriend," a cut from SahBabii's pretty fantastic SANDAS follow-up Squidtastic, where a new voice bursts through the computer bleep-y beat. That voice belongs to T3, Sahbabii's older brother, and it rings sweet and clear as he deftly sings his ass off about true love and loop-de-doop sexcapades in a way that only his younger sibling could rival. You might have recognized T3's voice from his SANDAS features on "Titanaboa" and "Marsupial Superstars," but this time around, he really comes through and stands out more than ever as an impressive artist in his own right, sounding less T-Pain-reminiscent and more fully T3. Some of the most memorable and sing-a-long-y verses on this project come from him (see also: "Sunny Days").

It makes sense why, though. T3's been making music for a brick, producing and singing from his bedroom in Chicago, and later, following a family move, in Atlanta, where he decided to encourage SahBabii to bring his endearingly psychotic Anime World to our planet through song (you can watch him talk about this in FADER's SahBabii doc from last year). At the moment, the only solid evidence of his solo career exists on Soundcloud in the form of a cute song called "Luv Somebody" and a cover of Bryson Tiller's "Don't." I hope he comes out with more soon. Justice for T3!

Where should I start?

Thumbnail image via T3's Instagram.

T3 rules, and here’s the proof